Welcome to the new release of The Sportsmens Alliance Website AND FORUM!

We thought we’d release this now, though still under construction, so you can have a look and give us some feedback as to what changes you’d like to see and what you’d like to talk about!

Tell us what you like/don’t like and get involved. Every dollar we generate goes to the programs we select, based on our member’s input, concerns and our expenses to get some things done that we think “NEED DOING”.

We have limited resources at this time, but no shortage of generous and dedicated talent.

All skills are appreciated and very welcome. We have many, MANY ideas and interests.

You can make a difference!

Please JOIN (it’s free) and help us make things safer and better.

TSA's Mission Statement:

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to public safety and adherence to laws and regulation pertaining to hunting.  We communicate frequently with law enforcement, civilian authority and Massachusetts State agencies on all levels, to help educate the public as well as the officers in the field in order to protect both hunters and the public.  

We have staff and programs dedicated to affording our returning veterans the opportunity to go afield and enjoy a day "away from it all" and maybe meet a few new friends.  

We also have had enormous success with our youth waterfowl programs to teach children about all aspects of waterfowl hunting including safety, calling, decoying and shooting

The Sportsmen's Alliance focuses on the State and Local laws as they apply to the protection of the sporting public and the rights afforded to them.  We, TSA, are supporters of the Constitution, Law Enforcement, State and Local laws, regulations, the rule of the people and the rights afforded to them.

We have many programs under development, please give us your input and support.

Let’s work together as Conservationists, Hunters, Outdoorsmen and Women along with the interests and concerns of the general public to ensure the rights, safety and concerns of all.